Tuesday, 2 February 2016

January (Sale) Haul

I'm the type who has lost interest in the sales, especially boxing day sales as I prefer to stay in, away from the crowds and watch the football. I even stay away from the online sales too. The one year I didn't really care about the sales was the year I should have cared. The bag (exact brand, model, colour and size) that was on my to buy list was on sale with around 55% off. GUTTED. It hurts even to this very day.

And now, throughout January, I've just been shopping, shopping, shopping. Why did I spend so much? Why is PayPal so convenient? I need to stop browsing the sales and not read the shops' email newsletters. They are a killer.

Now let's see what goodies I had purchased and kept.


Ann Summers




Bonus! I'm breaking the rules a little bit here. This wasn't in the sale. Thank you Free People for these perfect wedges!

How was your January sale spree?

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The Backpack is Back



I had never thought I would join the backpack wagon until I had become lazy with my style these days. I only currently own one backpack and it's from Zara. No surprise there! I had purchased this last year and it had been with me throughout my Toronto trip and even till now. I have noticed at times, it seems to unlock by itself whilst I'm out and about, leaving me paranoid and constantly checking, or the lock is stuck and it's hard to open. The straps are detachable and could turn the bag into a shoulder bag which had proven to be VERY useful.

It had made me realise how efficient backpacks are and doesn't ache my shoulders. Oh and it also helps ease my symmetry OCD. I need a new suitable one so I could take it to the gym with me. All of this backpack talk makes me miss my Adidas one I had whilst in secondary school. Ah man, I could fit so much stuff in there and still have a lot of room. Definitely like Mary Poppins. Let me just reminisce for a second there.

I'm currently browsing around and am currently lusting over these babies:

1. Accessorize; 2. Longchamp; 3. ASOS;
4. Zara; 5. Zara; 6. Rag & Bone;
7. Ted Baker; 8. M2Malletier; 9. Mulberry;
Are you happy the backpack is back in trend?

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Illamasqua Glamore Lipstick in Minx



I love love love this lipstick. It's my first Illamasqua product and has been a staple for my winter look. Minx is one of the darker nudes in the Glamour nude collection. It warms up my complexion especially when it's winter dull. I've tried many nude lipsticks and the majority of them had washed me out and or accentuated the dry lips. The pigmentation is exceptional. One smooth swipe is all it needs without the need to build up the intensity.

The texture is creamy and moisturising leaving a slight shine at first but then will quickly wear off to a satin finish. After eating and drinking, there is colour still left on the lips, looking like a stain without a chalky look. It's hands down one of the best lipsticks I've tried as I've only felt the need to top up once whenever I had fancied. I've worn this without a lip balm and chapped lips and due to it's texture, the dry lips becomes unnoticeable. It's comfortable and feels like I'm not wearing any lipsticks.

This is definitely an all year rounder and I will wear it in the upcoming Spring and Summer months. For £19.50, it's worth it. I'll need to check out the other lipsticks and products Illamasqua has in store for me. If you're looking for a different nude lipstick, this would be the one, complimenting all skin tones.

Have you tried any Illamasqua lipsticks?

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Beauty Tricks My Mum Made Me Try



During my teenage years and going through puberty, my mum had made me try many beauty tricks before I knew skin care and makeup was even a thing. Even now, she tells me I should try this and that. Growing up, I have suffered from very oily and spot prone skin. Instantly, my mum knew what I should try and I did question her but she always had the answer for everything. She's very knowledgeable and her skin is always nice.
Egg white mask - apply egg whites like a mask.
Mung bean mask - blend mung beans into a paste then apply like a mask.
Oatmeal mask - adding water to oats to form a thick consistency then apply like a mask.
Green tea mask - put left over green tea in the fridge then apply it on cleansed skin at night.
Green tea bag eye cooler - put the brewed green tea bags into the fridge then apply it to the eyes when needed.
Potatoes on spots - slice potatoes into small and thin slices then apply it directly to spots until the slices are dried up.
Olive oil - apply on dry lips or hair.
There's probably more but these were the main ones I had been testing whilst growing up during my teens.

What beauty tips did you receive whilst growing up?

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Jumper Dresses



Ah jumper dresses seems to my my thing for the autumn winter. I had never thought about wearing one until I had saw the "one" on Missguided. Then ended up purchasing that and another two. Jumper dresses are something that I would just throw on without any effort yet look great.

Rather than having a jumper that is a simple one, I tend to go for that is different. Different cuts, different materials etc like the ones below.

This one is from Missguided. This has a boat neckline with is great for that off the shoulder look which I love. Here's some advice: don't wear any off the shoulder tops it whilst cooking (from experience). I ended up burning the exposed shoulder whilst cooking a lovely roast pork. It'll be a nice little addition to my scar collection... With an exposed shoulder and a loose fit, it gives it more of a relaxed, comfortable approach.

This one is from Romwe. This is more of a fitted dress without hugging the body tightly. It's still great to wear casually during the day or even a dinner night, chilling etc. With the low v neck, you can wear any bra or bralette or even go braless if you like. I love to pair this up with the Ann Summer's Ayra bra.

And last but not least, this beauty is from Never Fully Dressed. Unfortunately this isn't available anymore and it was hard getting my hands on it as it was sold out quick whenever they had restocked it. I fell in love with the asymmetric mesh hem. A dress having two different textures is always a win for me. Unlike the other two, this isn't knitted. I can pair this up with ankle boots or even heels. It's quite versatile. I would say this is my favourite out of the three. I do need more jumper dresses.

Do you own any jumper dresses?