Wednesday, 25 March 2015

GoldCrush Hair Nutrition Formula



Who doesn't want long, healthy hair or even want to grow it out. My hair is long enough for me but I have those pesky roots which needs dying. I always dye my roots every 3-6 months because I am lazy and prefer to dye a nice chunk rather than a few cms. As my birthday is coming up, I definitely needed to dye them but my roots wasn't long enough for my preference so I had started taking the GoldCrush Hair Nutrition Formula to hopefully speed up the growth. I was sent 2 months supply and had started taking 2 capsules per day as instructed.

2 months later and voila, I see results. I had about 1cm (0.39 inches) of roots towards of January and now, I have nearly 7.5cm (3 inches) of roots. My hair grows fast in general but this helped speed it up even more. I have actually dyed my roots now so unfortunately there are no photos as I was too eager to colour them. But how impressive is that? My hair tends to grow around 2cm per month but taking these, it grows just over 3cm per month. I think it's time that I need a trim too.

Hair fall out was minimised and my scalp doesn't get as dry or itchy easily now. These are definitely working! There were other results I had noticed that weren't hair related. My skin doesn't break out as much now as well as stronger nails and doesn't break or peel easily especially when my nails grow. I am unquestionably lacking in certain vitamins and taking these has helped me a lot. You can read what vitamins it contains here. I am into the whole fitness fad and it feels like this is helping me along my journey. I feel more healthier, it's hard to describe. But of course, a healthy eating habit is needed too.

The capsule itself does taste a bit funny and leaves a tad after taste but it will disappear after some water. It's nothing major and would definitely purchase their monthly subscription as it is worth every penny. This would be great for whenever I decide to start growing my hair out which I have been contemplating for some time (and possibly go blonde again) but that won't be for a while I'd say. This is highly recommended and there is a choice of how many month supplies you would like.

Have you tried any hair supplements?

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Serum



How bright is this serum? It looks scary doesn't it? These were my very first impressions. Second was the scent. It was a lovely citrus, orange smell and it doesn't linger around once the serum is applied. The serum itself isn't too runny yet it spreads like a dream. Because of the texture, I only need one drop from the pipette which is enough for both eyes. I use my ring fingers to dab this around the eye as it is a delicate area. It gets absorbed into the skin easily without leaving any residue.

With it's natural ingredients, free from parabens, sulfates and alcohol, it is meant to tackle dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. Dark circles are my ultimate down fall and this had helped the eye area brighten up a bit which I think is due to the colour of the serum as orange does counteract the blues. It isn't 100% but it is noticeable and feels hydrated. I do still need concealer. Only time can tell to see whether I am able to notice this serum's full benefits.

I was scared to use this in the morning due to the bright colour so I had applied it at night instead. When I had realised that it didn't leave an orange colour, I knew it would be great to use during the day too. The pipet is a great idea as I can easily control the amount I need. This bottle will last me ages. This isn't a hit and miss product; I like it but I don't love it yet.

What's a great eye cream you've used?

Monday, 23 March 2015

Yves Rocher Serum Vegetal Wrinkles and Radiance



I've always wondered at what age do I start using anti-aging creams; not too young yet want to prevent the signs of ageing. Hydration is the key and this has the ingredients and properties to help you start the process of prevention. I don't have any lines so I cannot really comment on it. Thank genetics for this too. With all of my late nights, lack of sleep, my skin does look dull and tired. I've always stuck with my usual The Body Shop tea tree oil series and have only really cared in controlling breakouts and oils whilst moisturising the skin. After using these lightly fragranced day and night creams, I can feel and see a difference in my skin.

Oily skin needs hydration too - something I now properly understand. There's always the fear of breaking out from a new skin care product but this wasn't the case nor did it make my skin more oily. My skin feels really hydrated, plump and supple, a different skin feeling and texture as compared to using the tea tree series only. This is also a noticeable in the eyes with my skin looking visibly fresher and less tired even with the lack of sleep and late nights still. I still use the La Posay Roche Effaclar Duo Plus before I apply either of these then the tea tree oil afterwards. I did have a big spot party breakout on my forehead recently and this didn't make it any worse however I had stopped using it in that area as I wanted to get the breakouts under control first.

The night cream is thicker than the day cream and has more of a balm texture. You can see the difference in thickness between the two in the swatch above just by dipping my fingers. Day is on the left whilst night is on the right. Despite the thickness, it is absorbed into the skin fast, prepping my skin for makeup without a greasy, sticky leftover feeling. I still use a primer regardless and have noticed my makeup lasting a lot longer as well as all day hydration.

The glass jar packaging and lid is cute but not practical if I travel but I would definitely scoop some into travel containers as I currently can't live without it. I highly recommend this even at the age of 23 and just use it for it's hydration properties. Since I don't use much product per application, I can see the jars lasting me ages. Oily skin does need hydration and this is the one for me. These are originally £21 each but there is a deal on right now on the two creams together here.

Have you used any Yves Rocher skin care products?

Sunday, 22 March 2015

What's On My Face #3


Revlon Colourstay Liquid Foundation
MAC Prolongwear Concealer
Sleek Face Form

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Seventeen Tattoo Me Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner
Eyelure Double Lashes Dramatic no 205
Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel
Rimmel Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel in Mid Brown

Revlon Super Lustrous in Black Cherry
Rimmel Lasting Finish in Alarm
I love dressing up or themed nights out as I can play around with various makeup looks. Friday night was a masquerade theme for a friends birthday and boy was it a good night out. There were some great masks and I ended up choosing a filigree mask off eBay.

I thought this would be a great time to play around with the ombre lips, sticking with the classic red. Rather than sticking with the brown neutrals for the eyes, I had reached out for the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for a more of a feminine touch with it's rosy undertones. I did have an idea of the eye look I had wanted but it didn't go according to plan. Let's say there was a lot of cotton pads used during the process and changed the idea completely in the end.

The ombre lips wasn't as hard as I had thought. Blending is definitely the key and I'm quite proud of the outcome for a first timer. Not 100% perfect but I can gloat right? I don't have a red lipliner in my makeup collection and have realised I need one if I'm doing lips like these. Can anyone recommend a great red lip liner please?

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

3 Winter to Spring Transitional Jackets



It's that time of year where we all go bring out the thinner jackets. I just can't wait for longer days, warmer weather, getting bored of the cold now. OK, maybe not too thin of a jacket as it is still a tad chilly at the moment but these would be my picks. Just a note, all of these jackets were purchased a while ago and are not currently available in stores or online.

The first jacket is a faux leather jacket in a pastel blue shade from Primark. I had picked this up in the January sales for £15 and still haven't worn it, hence the tag still attached. It reminds me of the Zara one from last season. It's always nice to have a jacket that isn't black or white, and anything pastel would be a great choice for the winter to spring transition. It'll brighten up a monochrome outfit.

The second is a Zara leather jacket purchased from a few years back. I still have an obsession with studs even if they're not actual metal ones like this one. A leather jacket is an essential in any, more like every wardrobe. This is thinner than the one's I've had or tried on so I couldn't really wear it over the winter period.

Lastly, is a white long biker jacket I had purchased from Dorothy Perkins 2 years ago. It's still white and one of my favourite jackets to wear even though I am terrified to wear it most of the time in case I get any stains on it. I get really paranoid about it. Am I the only one?

Another one would be a loose denim jacket which I had forgotten to photograph. It was my most worn jacket during spring summer last year. I can't wait to wear it again this year. I'm going to have to resist purchasing any more jackets. I have no room, no more hooks left to use. Need to start selling some actually but not these ones.

What are your spring jacket picks?