Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Tangle Teezer Aqua Splash



Tangled hair is a nightmare. Mine gets tangled easily, even just after wearing a scarf. I always carry a comb with me but it can be painful to gently untangle the mane. Same with a brush in general too. With a brush, my hair snaps will snap which is never good and can be painful, very painful to feel, see and hear. So I turn to the Tangle Teezer.

This is the aqua version where it is hollow so water will not get trapped inside when it's used in the shower. I've always believed that you're never meant to brush your hair when it's wet because it's fragile at that stage. This took me a while to get use to the idea. I'd use this to brush through dry hair first to remove any knots before I get into the shower. I wouldn't say this makes it the process fully painless but it does reduce the pain dramatically, not wanting to cry or scream.

I've used this whilst shampooing and I didn't feel like I need to add much pressure to brush my hair. I find using this whilst conditioning is the best. It helps spread the conditioner, hair mask or oil a lot more evenly as it glides smoothly coating each strand I hope. Before using it, I could immediately tell that there wouldn't be enough grip on the side. It is easy to hold onto but it did slip out every now and again if I had used a hair mask or oil. I've noticed that hair breakage has decreased which is a huge plus for me as I'm growing out my hair. Much better than a wide tooth comb.

The bristles are a bit harsh on the scalp but it does the scratching for you if you an itch in the midst of brushing! There are other vivid colours to choose from. This may be on the pricey side but I definitely need to buy the compact version for my bag.

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer?

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Pink Satin Shorts


Top: Oh My Love; Shorts: Oh My Love; Coat: Dorothy Perkins;
Hat: H&M; Shoes: ASOS;

I was going through my camera and had forgot to upload this set of photos of my outfit I had taken back in September. I need to visit Kirkstall Abbey again but probably not any time soon since it is cold.

I had purchased a storage shelf last weekend to organise my shoes and it had arrived yesterday. I had never been excited about things like this before. After work, I was assembling it straight away and organising my shoes. No screwdrivers required. It doesn't have enough room to store all of my shoes so I will have to organise them according to the season. A blog post may appear at some point.

I am currently sat at my desk at work with a hat, scarf and coat on as well as a hot water bottle trying to survive the day.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Jeffrey Campbell Verse Heel



Please excuse the profanity but how cool are these heels? I've been wanting a new pair of simple black heels and came across these back in May on Jeffrey Campbell's Instagram account. They did state that it was exclusive to a store in Canada. Yes Canada! I have been searching high and low ever since.

Then bam, Love Clothing had these in stock last month. Without a thought, I had instantly purchased them even though it was £140. It was an impulse buy and definitely no regrets there. Now they have released a white version with the phrase "Chill Out" in silver hardware and yes, I will get my hands on those too. So much love.

Now I need an occasion to wear these or just a general night out. Will definitely be pointing down at these babies and can have many laughs. I can imagine those situations.

Friday, 14 November 2014

The Christmas Day to Night Dress


Dress: Asda George; Jumper: River Island; Necklace: H&M
Shoes: H&M; Bag: Kurt Geiger;

Dress: Asda George; Shoes: Miss KG; Bag: New Look;
Bangle: Forever 21; Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury;


Christmas is coming up. I haven't even thought about it until I saw a tweet about the number of days left. Approaching fast means finding the perfect dress. Sequins are always a good choice but I've always found it hard as to how to style it for the daytime. It can be over the top but styled right, it can look great!

I have chosen the dusty pink (similar to rose gold) sequin dress from Asda George, feminine yet not in your face. Day time consists of the cooler tones where as at night, I have opted the warmer tones. Every single of these items are now on my wish list as of today. I believe that a night dress can easily be transformed into a day one just by adding a jumper.

Have you got your Christmas dress ready?

*This is a sponsored post

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Dior Les Vernis Mythiques Set


Dior Les Vernis Mythiques Set: Gift*


Ah Dior nail polishes! I'd like to thank my aunty for getting this for me. I believe this was the free gift she had received as she had purchased two other Dior goodies for me as well. This was in Hong Kong, not sure what the free gift is in the UK or is there no free gift? How beautiful and clean is this presentation?

Having done some research, these four polishes were limited edition in the past few years. I remember Saint Tropez being sold out when it was first released but then it was re-released in a different collection. I can now see why. In this set you have:
NY 57th - Dark charcoal grey metallic (Gris City Collection 2010)
Bond Street - Deep blue with a hint of grey (Gris City Collection 2010)
Trafalgar - Vivid red with a hint of orange (Classic Rouge Dior Lipstick revamp 2013)
Saint Tropez - Tiffany blue (Opening of St. Tropez boutique 2011 & Croisette Collection 2012)

This is definitely a real treat. I've only used Bond Street and am loving the shade and brush! Easy to use and two coats are needed. I'll definitely will have to review these polishes properly when I've tried them all. Dior should definitely re-release more of their limited edition polishes, and as a set too like this one, more often.

Have you tried any Dior nail polishes?