Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Discontinued Things I Like #1


Johnathon Aston Moulin tights; Balmain gold laminated Nappa skirt; Acne Atacoma wedges; Zara office mini bag;
Don't we all hate it when something we've always wanted gets discontinued or its too late as we had discovered it years after it was discontinued.

My biggest regret is not purchasing the Zara office mini bag in burgundy when I had the chance. I cant remember what had stopped me. Why Nicol why?! I have the original black Zara office city bag and have used it everyday ever since I had purchased it. The Balmain skirt is just lush! Okay, I'm not sure how much it was but it how amazing it is? It's dreamy. I know it definitely won't be cheap. If whatever the price was just pocket change then I would buy it but unfortunately, it won't be considering it's gold and leather, very pricey. I had discovered the Acne wedges only 2 years ago and they were discontinued way before I found them. Big sigh.

Are there any items you like that are discontinued, off the face of the earth?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Wicker Wings Part 2



Remember when I had posted an introduction to Wicker Wings here a few months ago? This is part 2, showing the actual meaning behind this business. To recap, "Wicker Wings is an exciting new business with a sustainable social mission. This mission is to help improve the quality of education in China and to inspire a child, thus creating the bag for bag mission."

James had sent me a few images of a school in China (Ping Tou Elementary School in Yunnan Province) receiving the bag of inspiration from the bag for bag mission. It was touching when I had saw these, knowing that even the littlest things will help no matter what. Seeing these children receiving something, is heartwarming, knowing that I am helping to make a difference. This proves that Wicker Wings are actually doing something, staying true to their business and words. Proof is in the pudding as they say!

Aw I just want to give them a big hug!

Please do support Wicker Wings and help them fulfil their mission. There are many more exciting things to come from them.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Health & Fitness Tips



Somehow, I am more motivated and determined to keep fit, get those abs and take care of my health this year. I think something must have given me a kick up the backside and it's definitely working. Can feel a difference in myself and am becoming a lot more confident. Not 100% there but I eventually will. I thought I'd share some my eating and fitness tips I've been following since the New Year as well as clean eating and going to the gym.

- Drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning for a lovely, safe morning detox.
- Drink green tea or oolong tea to help the metabolism and aid in fat burning.
- Add fruit to water if water is too bland for you.
- Freeze grapes. They are lush and amazing and stops my sweet craving. Try it and you won't go back.
- Freeze any other fruit you like. My sister loves frozen raspberries.
- Blend any fruit with greek yoghurt then freeze. Bye bye to my ice cream craving and it adds more protein to the diet. Add a tad of honey if desired.
- Don't have time for breakfast? Make a smoothie and add oats and whey protein powder (if you have any) then blend!
- DIY popcorn. Add the kernels into a brown bag then microwave it. Add a topping of your choice immediately and shake. Toppings could be: whey protein powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, cocoa powder, black pepper with a dash of salt and many more!

- If you're lucky to live close to work or university (5 minutes max), complete the 7 minute HIIT app on your lunch break at home one or more rounds. iOS here and Android here.
- Whilst brushing your teeth, do a 30 - 60 second wall squat. It's a killer.
- Stood waiting in a queue or making a tea round? Do some calf raises.
- On your toilet break, do a set of squats, 10 reps.
- Follow the any of the 30 day challenges for guidance if you're stuck on a fitness routine.
- Do 100 star jumps whilst watching a film or Netflix and or the first thing when you wake up.

I do go to the gym 4 times a week but need to up it to 5-6 times a week. Going to the gym, clean eating and incorporating these tips have lead to a more healthier me. Can definitely feel and see a change. Little changes and adding small additions to your routine will help in the long run. The first step is always the most important step.

What are your health and fitness tips?

Image credits: Google

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Oxblood Obsession



I think I have an ugly obsession with this colour. Every time I go shopping, I am instantly attracted to every clothing item, accessories and shoes of this colour. Even though this is considered as an autumn winter trend every year, I'd still wear it during the spring summer season. All year round baby! It use to be black for years. Glad I've stepped out of it over the years.

Above is only just a small scale of the collection. I think someone needs to send help. It probably won't be long until I wear it head to toe. Possibly on the lips too! I already have it as a hair colour.

Do you have a colour or print you're currently obsessed with?

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Post Festivities Sale Haul


Checkered top: Love Clothing; Jumper: Zara; Midi skirt: Zara; Duster coat: ASOS; Bralet: One Nation Clothing; Jacket: Primark; White skirt: Love Clothing; Shorts: One Nation Clothing;
Please excuse the creases. These have been sitting in a pile ready to be photographed when I had the correct lighting.

Even if I did say that the sales this year was disappointing, I did pick up a few bits and bobs. There were more, however I had to return them. When I got back to Leeds, I had decided to go shopping for bedding and had came across the blue biker coat in Primark. Immediately I didn't give it a second thought. It had reminded me of the one from Zara. Definitely a spring piece.

I'm actually surprised I didn't go for an all black haul. The Zara leather skirt is out of my comfort zone but that is one of my New Year's resolutions - try out more styles out of my comfort zone. This is the first step in the right direction.

Did you pick anything up from the sales?