Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lace and Azure


Dress: She Likes; Coat: Dorothy Perkins; Shoes: Zara; Bag: Vivian Ying;

Today I had attended my cousin's wedding and am currently so full from the banquet which consisted of 14 dishes. Having to hold my bag in a way to cover this "bump". Too much food! I had to drive to Manchester for the special event therefore I had to swap my heels for my tacky, old Nike air trainers in order to drive. I was sporting an interesting look. I can never drive in heels, not sure how some can.

I'm not looking forward to my 3 hour commute to work tomorrow as I had missed my last train back to Leeds. Oh the joys I'm going to have in the morning.

I can now cross Brussels off my "To Visit" list as I had spent my bank holiday weekend there. Boy do I miss it and had missed the flower carpet event Brussels hold every 2 years as I had arrived a week too late. So so sad. I need to see this at some point in my life. Am also glad that the volcano in Iceland didn't erupt otherwise I wouldn't be able to return to the UK with ease. Phew! Jolly good! It looks like my 4 day weekend has come to an end now. Back to reality and Netflix.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

White Nails



I've been loving and wearing white nails recently. At first, I did think that they were more on the tacky side and look like you've painted them with Tipex but if you have a good quality polish, they can look chic. I would say that nail length would also contribute to how good the white nail polish looks. I have used Nails Inc Hypergel nail polish in Snow White.

I have painted my nails with Tipex whilst in secondary school (around year 8) to cure boredom. Those were the days where I wasn't allowed to purchase nail polish or wear any. It was my last resort. Pretty sure I wasn't the only one. Even drawing nail art with the Tipex pens. My childhood was a joyous one.

What's your thoughts on white nail polish?

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Work Makeup Look



A 9-5 job, well in my case, 9-5.30 Monday-Friday. I have the tendency to sleep and wake up late. There are those odd nights where I sleep early but still wake up late because I have a lie in and keep pressing snooze. I prefer having more sleep than to wake up early to get ready. Who wouldn't?

I work in an office and don't see clients face to face. In my opinion, I'm at work to work, not to impress anyone at the office therefore limiting to how much makeup is plastered. I stare at my work Macbook and monitor all day therefore colour contacts are not worn as they will dry my eyes out more.

Monday to Friday, my makeup routine consists of concealing the under eye circles and around the mouth, fill in my eyebrows then line my upper lids and add falsies then lip balm, and off to work I go. There are the odd times where I just wear concealer under the eyes because I've woken up too late especially after a night out therefore having to rush. Everyone at work has seen me without makeup and at my rough state too, complimenting me saying how rough I look. There are also times where I wear a little bit more makeup and dress a lot nicer because I have events to go to after work or am heading off somewhere. I always get asked where I'm off to, looking overdressed and way out of place!

I have noticed that my skin has improved a lot since I'm not clogging up my skin all the time, giving it room to breathe. Who wouldn't want better skin? In the above photo, I have uneven skin tone (I'm still sporting a tanned nose), blackheads, spots, oily skin. Without concealer, my under eye circles are in your face which you cannot see here. I'm like any other person out there, I have imperfections. No one is perfect. I don't photoshop myself in photos as I've got nothing to hide and am comfortable with my skin. If you ever bump into me in Leeds especially during my lunch break or after work, I will look like this. I don't want to be known as the blogger who looks different in person due to over photoshopping photos. The most I do is brighten the photo up. No slimming onr concealing.

After all these years of wearing makeup, I have finally learnt that less is more. Going out at night is a different story, no?

What's your work makeup routine?

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Things I Like #14


Lipsy crop topLipsy pencil skirtAccessorize mini duffle bagBoohoo monochrome strappy cut out bootsCharlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and GlowTarte the Sculptor;
It's a nightmare when you want everything and your list keeps on increasing. Ever since Michelle Keegan has launched her own range with Lipsy, this co-ordinate was definitely right up my street and it's sold out in my size so fast. I'm hoping it'll be available somewhere else or it'll get restocked. My hoped aren't very high.

I'm pretty sure I've posted the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow in a previous wish list but I think it's a sign to tell me that it'll be a worthy investment. I'll have to part with my money at some point and not regret it. "No ragrets" as Scottie P. would have tattooed on his chest (from We're the Millers). That should be the motto for everything I have purchased recently and wanted to cry.

What's on your wish list?

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Monochrome Suit


BlazerTrousersTopBagShoes: Very*;

OK, maybe it isn't a proper suit but it definitely does make me feel smart and slightly formal. I never thought I'd wear an almost white (or cream in this case) outfit but I do love how there is black detailing on the co-ordinate pieces. The blazer is my favourite. Being the short person I am, I had to roll up the bottom of the trousers otherwise I'd drown. It does give it a less formal look with the cuffs at the bottom.

These photos were taken a few months ago but I didn't want to post them as they were too bright, and even manipulating them wouldn't do the job. Lesson learnt, never go out in broad daylight or in direct sunlight.

I've been wearing an ankle support for 3 weeks now and still am due to an ankle sprain at that time, so I can't really wear certain footwear, hence the lack of outfit posts. Back then, colleagues said that I was attempting to bring in the ankle support trend in. Let's just say, it didn't catch on. Such a failure. As it was a heatwave then, I had my legs out embracing the sun and I must admit, the support looked really out of place (it was bright blue), like I was wearing one sock and missing the other. Oh the fun.