25 May, 2016


H&M has just announced they are collaborating with Parisian fashion brand, KENZO, on their designer collaboration series. I've received a press email about it this morning and thought how exciting?! OK, maybe not those exact words. It was more along the lines of "OH MY FREAKING GOSH". I was looking at KENZO jumpers the other week, deciding which one I had wanted. The decision is yet to be made.

When I think of KENZO, I think of their signature embroidered tiger and embroidered eye sweatshirts. I do hope they incorporate these. I can imagine this collaboration consisting of geometric prints, geometric cuts, KENZO printed logo basics and different textured pieces.

"Kenzo really created a new way for women to dress."
- Carol Lim, Creative Director, Kenzo

You can read the interview here on the H&M website. The collection is released in stores and online worldwide on 3rd November this year. I couldn't get my hands on the Balmain collaboration but I'm ready for this one!

"We wanted to really tell the story of the brand and of us. Together with H&M, we will invite all the customers and fans to the real Kenzo world."
- Humberto Leon, Creative Director, Kenzo

Are you excited about this collaboration?

Image credits: H&M

Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion Sun Kissed Look

19 May, 2016


To be honest, I'm not much of a fake tan person. It's too high maintenance, as I prefer taking advantage of the sun on holiday to get that natural, sun kissed, I've been on holiday glow. When I say tan, I mean burn, tan then peel with the tan still in place. Don't forget to wear SPF!

I saw this was on offer in Asda and thought why not as I do love Garnier's intensive body lotion. I did tan whilst in America but I wanted something to help maintain the colour more as it is starting to fade a little now. I think my biggest fear of any tanning products is unevenness, streaking and the ungodly orange look. After using it for a few days, this has helped give back the natural, tanned glow my legs had previously. No orange tinge to it, just a lovely golden shade.

This creamy, thin texture was easily spreadable but I wouldn't say it gets absorbed into the skin immediately as it claims. More like a few minutes but that doesn't bother me. Once absorbed, it does leave the skin soft and hydrated. Sometimes, using it alone isn't enough, as my skin does get very dry and flakey easily. I haven't noticed any uneven patches especially around my knees. As with any tanning products, always exfoliate to get the best results. After the first use, the colour wasn't very intense so you can easily build up to your preferred shade over time.

It has a fruity smell which is slightly overpowering for me. It does linger on for a bit but will fade. Garnier has two shades - light and dark to suit whatever tan shade you're wanting. I do recommend this as you can't go wrong with this.

What's the best tanning product you've used?

Top 5 Brow Favourites

04 May, 2016


Please excuse the state of these. I've literally got them out of my makeup bag just to photograph them. Then again, it's no excuse to quickly wipe them down. Shhh. I remember seeing my mum filling in her eyebrows everyday whilst I was growing up and didn't understand the importance of them until I was at university. My brow collection is still small and I'm slowly branching out on testing new products to get the best brow. Here are my top 5 brow favourites.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - You need this in your life. I'd wear this if I've got a long day and night especially as going home isn't an option or just for a night out. I can't rave about it enough. It's going on my to pack list for Asia. I took this to Budapest with me and I've experienced rain and snow in one day. Eyebrows still looked on fleek. Yes I did just say that. You can read the full review here.

Kalentin Magic Eyebrow Definer - This was an introduction to eyebrows in a pot for me. I would pick this up when I'm in a hurry and an eyebrow gel isn't enough for me. It is very long lasting and gives you very natural results. More natural than the Dipbrow Pomade and Aqua Brow. It's not a gel, yet not a powder. What is it? You can read the full review here.

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow - I would say this is on par with Dipbrow Pomade. Another one you need and for me to pack for Asia. I like to switch it up and use this instead of the pomade. You know, go for something different even if I do get the same results. You can read the full review here.

Rimmel Brow This Way Gel - I rarely try eyebrow gels but I'm glad I've tried them. This is the first and the only one I've tried and I haven't looked back. Rimmel Brow This Way is my go to product whenever I wear no makeup and only takes 2 seconds. This helps tame my brows as well as filling them in naturally and making them more defined without the stiff or crispy feel. I've picked it up in Medium Brown and it's perfect.

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil - This was the first eyebrow product ever used. Many years later, I'm still using this. Hazel is the colour I've always used and it's been with me through every hair colour I've had. This is a classic and very affordable. These days, I use this to touch up the brow.

What's your favourite brow product? Any you recommend that I should try?

Trends I've Never Followed #4

02 May, 2016


It's been a while since I've done one of these so let's get straight into it. A great post to start May off!

Kylie Cosmetics - Kylie Jenner's own cosmetics line. I really don't know why I never was excited about it and it still doesn't appeal to me. Maybe because of the shade choice. It just doesn't shout out to me. Also, the whole Jenner/Kardashian thing right now, I couldn't care less about them. That's probably why.

Velour tracksuits - I remember this trend was popular when I was around 15. Wherever I looked, someone had the matching tracksuit in either pink or brown as those two were the popular shades. Everyone wanted the Juicy Couture version or a set where there were rhinestones. It did look tacky and glad I disliked it. The look of them reminded me of velvet and I hate the feel of velvet. Glad this trend had died and I never wanted one.

Strobing - Those who doesn't what strobing is, it's just highlighting the face, the opposite of contouring. Since it came into light around last year, I definitely didn't want to try it. I rarely highlight my face (more like never). Being the very oily gal type, I always prefer the matte look. Anything dewy or any shine on my face has always been a no go and I must powder the heck out of my face to get rid of the shine. With a stubborn mind frame, I will always believe that I will look like an oil slick. I'm definitely sticking with contouring only.

Ombre hair - I've seen ombre hair everywhere. Some good, some OK, some done very badly. I never caught on to wanting this as I am quite low maintenance when it comes to hair. With naturally dark hair, having the perfect blonde shade would mean I would have to maintain it to prevent it turning ginger etc. I don't have time for that stuff. I do admit that Guy Tang creates the most beautiful ombre hair I have ever seen on his clients. I just want him to style my hair for the rest of my life. Can always dream.

Camel coats - I know that it will definitely not suit me even though I've never tried any on. I do like how people have styled it but I know I will never be able to pull it off.

Did you follow any of these trends?

Beyoncé x Topshop

30 April, 2016

Sports Bra: £32.00; Leggings: £45.00;


It's everywhere! BeyoncĂ© have collaborated with Topshop and released the activewear range, Ivy Park. I did originally want the reflective sports bra and leggings set but I cannot contemplate on spending a total of £160 on them together. There's another very similar alternative in the range that is £77 together. It's around the same price as the Nike and Adidas sets. It was the v-shape under bust and waist that made me want to splash out rather than the logo branded one.

It bought these online and when they had arrived, they looked tiny. I wasn't sure they would fit and it felt like there was hardly any stretch to them. Wasn't sure whether my calf would fit, it looked that small. By my surprise, they fit and are very flattering on the figure. They're flexible, thin but not see through. I want to wear these all day, everyday. So comfortable. If you are planning on getting this set, I would recommend getting your usual size.

Did you get anything from the range?